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Used for digging, loading and moving soil, rock and other materials.
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Delin Heavy Machinery Industry, No.3, Kaiyuan Rd., Jining High Tech Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province, R. P. of China.
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Product parameters

Total weight (KG)51000
Bucket capacity(m3)2.8-3.6
Engine modelYKVFT-315L2QSL8.9
Volume of fuel tank (L)500
Traveling speed (km/h).4.8/3.0
Slew speed  (r/min)9
Bucket excavating force (KN)  ISO276
Bucket rod length(m)6820
Length of swing arm (m)3400
Ground pressure(KPa)87.5
Hydraulic oil tank volume (L)480
Overall length (mm)13180
Overall width (mm)3340
Total height(Swing arm top)(mm)3640
Total height(Cab roof)(mm)3280
Counterweight ground clearance (mm)1300
Min. ground clearance (mm)720
Turning radius of vehicle tail(mm)4850
Ground contact length of track(mm)4360
Track shoe length (mm)5390
Track gauge(mm)2740
Track shoe width (mm)3340
Track shoe width(mm)600
Rotary table width(mm)3400
Maximum excavating height(mm)10760
Maximum unloading height(mm)7400
Maximum excavating depth(mm)7320
Maximum vertical wall excavating depth(mm)6695
Maximum excavating distance11660
Maximum excavating distance at ground level(mm)11440
Minimum turning radius(mm)4825
Maximum height at minimum turning radius(mm)9250
Distance between the center of gyration and the rear end side(mm)4850
Counterweight height(mm)2860
Ground contact length(during transportation)(mm)6820


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