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ME35.9 Excavator flexible structure, fast action and comfortable operation; Quick connect is optional, easy to change different tools.
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Accurate Excavators ME35.9

● ME35.9 Excavator flexible structure, fast action and comfortable operation;

● Original Japanese Yanmar engine: Free parking at low speed.

● Load sensing hydraulic system: precise control of different actuators, good controllability and high work efficiency.

● Comfortable cabin with AC and USB ports, spacious and comfortable.

● Quick connect is optional, easy to change different tools.

Product parameters

Operating weight3700KG
Volume of Bucket0.12m3
Engine modelYangdong YD4C50GA
Fuel trank80L
Travel speed4.6/2.8Km/h
Swing speed11.5r/min
Bucket digging force24.2KN
Hydraulic pump modelLoad Sensing Pump
Maximum flow95L/min
Hydraulic oil tank60L
Overall length5453mm
Overall width1530mm
Machine height(Boom head)1794mm
Total height(to operators cabtop)2408mm
Ground clear ance(bob-weight)605mm
Min.ground clearance208mm
Rear-end seing radium1538mm
Table width1530mm
Max.digging height5172mm
Max.dumping height3585mm
Max.digging depth3735mm
Max.digging depth2409mm
Max.digging reach5856mm
The largest mining in stopping distance5749mm
Min.swing radius2146mm
Minimum turning radius atmaximum height3975mm
Bucket rod length1700mm
Length of swing arm2800mm


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