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Hyundai Excavator ME130.9 suitable for complex earth and rock working conditions.
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Hyundai Excavator ME130.9

ME130.9 Excavator suitable for complex earth and rock working conditions.

With Cummins powerful engine, which is energy-efficient and matched the best fuel economy adjustment, the efficiency of this engine can be greatly improved.

The world known famous of hydraulic system, which ensures the reliability and durability of the product.

Structured design of the working device and chassis to make its strength withstand the rough working.

New comfortable cabin, with AC, radio and USB joint, larger vision.

Product parameters

Operating weight (T)13
Bucket capacity (m3)0.53
Engine modelFukangQSF3.8
Rated power (kw/r/min)86/2200
Volume of fuel tank (L)247
Travel speed (km/h)5.3/3.1
Swing speed(r/min)12
Max climbing degree°70
Bucket digging force at power max (KN)  ISO100
Average grounding pressure(KPA)38
Hydraulic pump model InLine HP3V75
Maximum flow (L/min) 165*2
Setting pressure (MPa)37
Volume of hydraulic tank (L)130
A  Overall length (mm)7580
B  Overall width (mm)2490
C  Overall height (to top of boom)(mm)2780
D  Overall height (to top of cab)(mm)2815
E  Counterweight ground clearance (mm)870
F  Min. ground clearance  (mm)430
G  Tail swing radius (mm)2155
H  Track grounding length (mm)2750
J  Track length (mm)3485
K  Track gauge(mm)1960
L  Track width (mm)2460
M  Track shoe width (mm)500
N  Turntable width (mm)2490
O  Max. digging height (mm)8630
P  Max. dumping height (mm)6180
Q  Max. digging depth (mm)5500
R  Max. vertical wall digging depth (mm)4940
S  Max. digging depth for 2.5m horizontal plane (mm)5285
T  Max. digging reach (mm)8305
U  Max.digging reach at ground level  (mm)8180
V  Min. swing radius  (mm)2495
W  Max. height at min swing radius (mm)6430
X Distance from swing center to rear (mm)2155
Z  Height of counterweight (mm)1935
A1 Grounding length (in transportation) (mm)4410
Arm length (mm)2500
Boom length (mm)4600


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