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MD16  has the features of high technology, advanced design, strong power and high efficiency, etc. It can adapt to more harsh working environment and is convenient for maintenance and repair.
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Crawler Dozer MD16

● OEM Dozer MD16 Distributor A Shanghai SC11CB184G2B1engine which gives you more power and reliability you need. Improved fuel economy over the previous model with strong torque output and low fuel consumption gives you excellent overall fluid efficiency.

● OEM Dozer MD16 Distributor The gearbox uses a planetary gear structure that operates the hydraulic control valve to achieve forward, reverse and various shifts. The structure is planetary gear, multi-plate clutch, hydraulic combined with forced lubrication, which is divided into three forward and three reverse.

● The closed system keeps the tank pressure at a specific value, which can increase the evaporation temperature and heat dissipation efficiency of the cooling water. The fan power comes from the engine, and the forced air supply increases the cooling effect.

● Mainstream 14MPa working hydraulic system, can greatly reduce the failure rate of hydraulic components with overload protection function.

● The use of waterproof connector of the whole vehicle, new relays and injection molding instruments can effectively eliminate the failure of the electrical system. The instrument box integrates air conditioning, electrical appliances and instruments into one, which is more beautiful and luxury.

● The main frame of the full box structure adopts steel plate welded full box type integral structure, which is welded with the rear axle box. It has high impact load bearing capacity and resistance to bending and twisting. High quality weld seam ensures the main frame has a full life cycle.

● The swing type balance beam suspension structure with splayed beam is connected with the frame and traveling system to transmit the working load and impact load to the main frame during working, which effectively improves the stability of small-sized bulldozers under complicated working conditions.

● The standard straight tilt blade features powerful cutting force and the three-shank ripper can be equipped for the ripping of clay and frozen earth, featuring high working efficiency and super-strong penetrating force.

Notice : Material and speciation are subject to change without notice , Feature machine in photos may include additional equipment

Product parameters

Type183HP Standard Hydraulic Crawler Type
engine modelShanghai SC11CB184G2B1
(kw/rpm)Rated power135/1850
 Operating weight17T
(mm) Dimension(no ripper)5140×3388×3032
(mm) Min ground clearance405
(MPa) Ground pressure0.067
 Track gauge1880
(m³) Dozing capacity4.55
(mm) Blade width3440
(mm) Blade height1150
(mm) Max drop below ground540
(mm) Track shoe width510
(mm) Pitch203.2
 Quantity of track link37
 Quantity of Carrier rollers4
 Quantity of Track rollers12(8 Double+4 Single)
(MPa) Max pressure14
L/min Discharge213
(KN) Max tractor force146
 Grade ability30°
 (Km/h) Forward SpeedF1:0-3.29
 (Km/h) Rear SpeedR1:0-4.28

Notice : Material and speciation are subject to change without notice , Feature machine in photos may include additional equipment


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